Can a business survive without Marketing?


The question is, how do you expect potential customers to know about your products and services without telling them about it? Can you really rely on word of mouth and recommendations? Sure, word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement, but without product awareness, how is your business made sure to survive?

Without marketing, your potential customers will never know about your business. This is why you have to SHOUT about your business and get the brand out there. The more you let people know about you, the more people will start to remember you. 


Once you create awareness of your products and services, it increases your chances of a sale. This is where new and potential customers will spread the word about this amazing new product or service that they have discovered. Your sales will increase as the word of mouth increases. Without marketing, these sales might never of happened.


Everyone is using social media, your competitions and your potential customers. They may be talking about your business or maybe even your competitors - you may as well give them something positive to talk about! 

If your business is not involved in social media, the fact is, your customers are talking and you are not there to interact. The only way to connect with them is to make your online presence known. You can’t run from social media anymore - so you may as well embrace it! 

Social media and conversation gives your business a voice. Engagement is the key to trust. People want to talk and want to interact with real people.


Social media is no longer a trend, it’s a necessity. It’s a tool that fulfils a need — the need to communicate, interact and share. Communicating on social media platforms can significantly increase your brand visibility. While traditional marketing methods could increase your traffic, social media will bring you friends and followers who are interested in your business. These will lead to increased sales.

Take a look at your brand - is everything uniform? Is your business instantly recognisable just by looking at your business images and logo? Maybe it’s time for a re-vamp, which POJO Creative can help you with. 


Businesses who want to engage with their customers have to seriously consider their marketing strategy along with their social media management. 

Although marketing strategies are expensive to begin with, it is sure worth while. The best marketing programme will offer different forms of promotion including website design, print advertising, social media and events.

If you want to make your business VISIBLE online, POJO Creative can help you. 

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