POJO Creative

Poppy Johnson is the founder of POJO Creative which specialises in Social Media Management, a marketing method that creates engagement and leads based on your target audience.

Not only do we create an online presence for your business using social media, but we build your brand, an identity. 

We publish your business personality over all platforms which creates attraction. 

Set in the heart of North Wales, we LOVE working with start up businesses but also established businesses too!

POJO Creative is a reflection of the of who I, Poppy Johnson am as a person. Straight to the point, direct and I like to create, build and utilise products and services that help your brand get recognised.

Have a browse around our website, see what we do, see how it relates to your business and see how WE can help YOU.

Don't be afraid to get creative with your marketing.

After all, it will be JUST the thing that you need to move forward and grow.